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มาตรฐานสากล GS1
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Socket รุ่น Secure Digital Scan Card 3E   Socket รุ่น Secure Digital Scan Card 3M   Socket รุ่น CompactFlash Scan Card 5M
Socket Secure Digital Scan Card 3E   Socket Secure Digital Scan Card 3M   Socket CompactFlash Scan Card 5M

Secure Digital ScanCard 3E is a BarCode reader code that applies to slot the PDA.


Secure Digital Scan Card 3M is a Laser Barcode Reader code with the smallest in the world with Palm.


CompactFlash Scan Card 5M is equipped to change Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Tablet or Notebook into your reader.  Mobile barcodes.

Socket รุ่น CompactFlash Scan Card 5P   Socket รุ่น RFID Reader Card 6E   Socket รุ่น Cordless Hand Scanner 7E
Socket CompactFlash Scan Card 5P   Socket RFID Reader Card 6E   Socket Cordless Hand Scanner 7E

CompactFlash Scan Card 5P CF Scan Card 5P will allow Pocket PC or Handheld PC to change a Barcode reader for mobile devices.  Just plug in CF Scan Card.


Socket RFID Reader Card 6E capabilities.  In reading and writing RFID for Pocket PC in various assets such as counting.


Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7E Bar Code Reader is a wireless Bluetooth compatible with Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Palm PDA, Notebook or Tablet PC.

Pidion รุ่น BI-300   Unitech รุ่น MS320   Unitech รุ่น MS336
Pidion  BI-300   Unitech MS320   Unitech MS336

PIDION BI-300 Wireless Router wirelessly with Bluetooth technology compatible with PC, Notebook, PDA.


MS320 is a CCD Barcode Reader, but the reader is equivalent to a Laser.


MS336 is a reader of Unitech Barcode 2D System Image Capture Barcode.



Unitech รุ่น MS337H   Unitech รุ่น MS839   Metrologic รุ่น MS5145 Eclipse
Unitech MS337H   Unitech MS839   Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse

MS337H a reader from Unitech Barcode 2D is designed for use in hospitals.


MS839 is a Laser Barcode Reader is designed for user convenience in use.  Reduce fatigue.  Optimization can read barcodes wide.


MS5145 Eclipse is a Laser Barcode Reader Edee line network system that Metrologic CodeGate of the beam is to use Infra-red (IR) to detect Barcode.

Metrologic รุ่น MS9540 VoyagerCG   Metrologic รุ่น MS9535 VoyagerCG BT   Metrologic รุ่น MS7120 Orbit
Metrologic MS9540 VoyagerCG   Metrologic MS9535 VoyagerCG BT   Metrologic MS7120 Orbit

MS9540 VoyagerCG Barcode handheld with the most current available.  Detection system such as a barcode automatically.


Barcode Reader MS9535 VoyagerCG BT Wireless Bluetooth mobile tasks.


MS7120 Orbit Bar code readers, many  Direction for the hard work.  Can read bar codes.  Quickly.  Light using less space.  Adjustable head.

Metrologic รุ่น MS3780 Fusion   Metrologic รุ่น MS7820 Solaris   Symbol รุ่น LS 2208
Metrologic MS3780 Fusion   Metrologic MS7820 Solaris   Symbol  LS 2208

MS3780 Fusion Barcode Reader affordable multi-directional. Comnidirectional and single Single - line on the same machine.


MS7820 Solaris Barcode Reader Desktop. The ability to read very readable Barcode is ideal for small retailers that have sold more.


LS 2208 Barcode reader code that is highly effective in cost. Fast, easy installation with common tasks such as POS in retail stores. Checking product.